More Offensive Line Follies for the Buffalo Bills


From the ESPN “Rumors” section.

The Buffalo Bills continue to search for solutions at offensive tackle, and recently, that’s included sliding rookie Michael Jasper — a practice squad nose tackle — in at right tackle, according to Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. Jasper, a 383-pounder played guard last year while at Bethel University.

The Bills drafted Michael Jasper in the 7th round (BTW – I have no problem with that.  That is what the 7th round is for, to take flyers on players and hope you get a steal). 

He’s such a prospect, in fact, that ESPN:

  • Misspelled his name on the list of drafted players,
  • Has his height and weight at 0.00, with a grade of 0 (on a scale of 1-100), so they obviously don’t know who he is
  • Doesn’t have him listed in the top 103 players at Defensive Tackle.
  • FYI – Green Bay took a DT in the 7th round too, he was ranked 13th with a grade of 66, but I’m sure the Bills know better than Green Bay

So, here’s what the Bills are telling us.  That a guy who wasn’t good enough to play tackle at the worlds smallest football program (see fun facts below), who wasn’t even listed as an Offensive Lineman for the draft, who is a practice squad player, and who just happens to weigh 383 pounds, is a potential solution for playing OT in the NFL.  Does that make a bit of sense to anyone?

Here’s a few other “solutions” for the tackle problem.  I know there kind of out there, but bare with me:

  • Draft one
  • Trade for one
  • Sign one as a free agent
  • Draft the guy that played Left Tackle for Bethel University

I know none of these are as fun as moving a fat load, DIII player back and forth from offense to defense and back to offense again, but you might want to give them a try, I’m just saying.


Fun facts about Bethel University:

  • They play in the Mid-South Conference, which is an NAIA conference (I don’t know what the NAIA is, but I think it’s Division III.  The NAIA motto is “Champions of Character” though, so they’ve got that going for them. 
  • They play a 9 game season.
  • They won their first game this year vs. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and play Kentucky Christian later on this year. 
  • Bethel’s nickname is the Wildcats, which my 9 year old niece would like, because that’s the school in High School Musical. 
  • Their games are broadcast on
  • According to their website, “As of fall 2008, the total enrollment was 2,408 – an all-time record.

Here’s a picture from the home page of the website (let’s just say, they would fit right in at Niagara)


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ESPN’s NFL Player Ranking and the Bills-Bystander


This is a great site. ESPN and Scouts Inc. have graded every player in the NFL and ranked them both by position and overall for the top 200.

Are these ratings perfect? No, but Scouts Inc. and ESPN have a ton more time and a ton more expertise than me, so let’s just go with what they say.

My favorite part of the rankings, being a Bills-Bystander, (the term I coined for a former fan that still has an interest in the team, but just can’t muster up the energy to be a fan anymore,) is the offensive line, in particular the Tackles.

Best and  Worst Tackles
ESPN has 111 tackles rated (LT & RT mixed in together), 99% of whom I’ve never heard of. They’ve got Joe Thomas of the Browns at #1 with a grade of 93 out of 100. BTW – Tom Brady is the highest ranked in the league at 95, so Joe Thomas must be pretty, damn good. Poor Demar Dotson, comes in at #111, the lowest ranking, with a grade of 51. His scouting report says he played Defensive Line and Basketball in college and “He is extremely raw when it comes to blocking techniques and understanding schemes.”

Buffalo Bills Rankings
So…how did our friends the Bills do in the OT rankings? The best Bills OT as ranked by ESPN is Eric Pears (Editors note: Feel free to say “Who?”). He is ranked 96th with a grade of 58, marginally better than Demar “Mr. Didn’t Play Football in College” Dotson. The most interesting thing in Eric Pears scouting report is “knows how to play within his limitations.” So, he’s got that going for himself. At least he’s only 29, so he still had time to develop, oh wait, no he doesn’t, 29 is middle age, even for good NFL players, and he’s been in the league 7 years, so he is what he is. The other Bills OT to make the rankings is Kraig Urbik, who checks in at #104, at least he’s only 25 and his scouting report includes “has excellent size with good power and athleticism.” But I’ve seen him play the first 2 preseason games and my personal scouting report is,” he B-L-O-W-S.”

One other way to look at it
The rankings say that there are 95 OTs, better than any OT on the Bills, that’s enough for every team in the league to have a starting LT, a starting RT and a backup better than the Bills best player at a critical position.

That, ladies and gentlemen is how you turn Bills fans into Bills-Bystanders.

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Dear Buffalo Bills


First let me start by saying thank you for the good times: all those Super Bowl years, the massive comeback against the Oilers, the days in the stands watching games with my dad, Donte Whitner taking my nephew to school in a limo, even the Wade Philips years, so many memories!

We had a good run, you and I 
Even in the bad years, I was still right with you, wearing the gear, drinking the Kool-Aid.  I loved the Mike Williams pick, I loved hiring Marv as the GM, I loved the J. P. Losman pick, I know, but people in love do crazy things.

So, how did we get to this place in our relationship? 

Apparently, Dick jaron was a breast man!

Apparently, Dick jaron was a breast man!

You can blame, (or thank) Aaron Maybin.  He wasn’t a “has been” or a “never was” he was a “never should have been” as in, he never should have been drafted, not in the first round, not in the 2nd round not in any round.  Too small to be a DE, too slow (and apparently too stupid) to be an LB, he was just a terrible, terrible draft pick.  So I’m glad you cut him.  


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Las Vegas Weather


According to the Weather, for September 15 – 19,  the Average temp in Vegas is a high of 94 and a low of (everybody’s favorite number) 69.

Girls: pack those bathing suits and skimpy clothes.

Boys: I really don’t care what you pack.

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Buffalo Bills Front Office, Please Read This


This is why you don’t pick an undersized “scat” back with the 9th pick in the NFL Draft

ESPN Reports: Bengals sign Cedric Benson.  ESPN is reporting that  Cedric Benson re-signed for $3 million, plus incentives.  


Cedric Benson – Good News

He’s 28, and has had 2 straight 1,000 yard seasons.  Catches about 25 passes a year and last year scored 8 total TDs.  He’s 5′ 11″, 227 and a VERY servicable RB.


Cedric Benson – Bad News

His Average per carry blows, 3.7 for his career, 3.5 last year.


Why I Mention the Bills

Your 1st round pick in the NFL draft last year, and #9 overall, was a running back, C. J. Spiller.  RB is probably the easiest position in the NFL, at least on offense to make an impact.  Last year, he ran for 283 yards (seriously, 283 yards, for the whole year! an average of 16 per game).  He’s 5’11″, 196lbs (my weight as a 9th grader, and I not sure if that says more about him or me, but regardless…).

Compare that to Cedric Benson at the same height, but 31lbs lighter.  Not exactly what you want in the cold, snow and wind of Rich Stadium (I refuse to call it that other name).

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